The Protean Hitch-Hiker's Guide to Everywhere
Webified by Aldert Hoogland and Bernd Wechner - Please respect their efforts and avoid plagiarism (namely uncredited copying of this page).

I have long felt the net to be a wonderful place to record the collective experience of hitch-hikers as to the how, when and where of hitch-hiking. A kind of guide book for hitchers, written by hitchers. I'm thinking of the specifics here, of where best to hitch from, and how to get there if a trip is in mind. I'm not thinking of the generic kind of advice to hitchers that already exists in abundance elsewhere, as to how to go about hitching in the first place.

Early in 1997, I wrote an article for Suite 101 introducing the idea and attempting to popularise it. Early in 2000 I realised that dream and the Hitch-hiker's Guide to Everywhere came into existence. Alas it faded from existence again due to server shorrtage but the dream is to get it back up again some time (keep posted).

One thing I'd not got around to doing anyhow is converting these old data supplied to me by Aldert Hoogland when his hitching site passed away. They stand here until I do that!

Aldert tells me that much of the information to follow is rather dated and innacurate. It is visibly limited to European hitch-hiking.



Aachen Direction Heerlen: from HBf bus 51 or 51a until the corner of the Aachenerstrasse and Kaiserruhe 
Direction Köln: Europaplatz (Walking distance from HBf)
Athens Direction Patras: Corner Leof. Athinon and Papanikoli 
Direction Saloniki:Corner 28 Oktovriou and AG. Meletou
Barcelona Direction Gerona, Paris: Avenida Meridiana. Metrostation Fabria y Puig 
Direction Madrid/Valencia: Avenida del Generalissimo Franco. Metrostation Zona Universitaria
Basel Direction Freiburg: German-Swiss border at Weil am Rhein 
Direction Zürich/Bern: Corner Hochbergstrasse and Freiburgstrasse or the German-Swiss border at Weil am Rhein
Berlin Direction Nürnberg and Hannover: Ex - Kontrollpunkt Dreilinden. Reachable with S-bahn, stop Wannsee. Then walk for 300 meters until the highway
Bern Direction Basel and Zürich: Neue BrYckstrasse, corner highway. Reachable with line 11
Budapest Direction Wenen: Ostapenko, begin highway. Trainstation Kelenfsldi. Reachable from train station Budapest Keleti with bus 7a, but also tram 19 and 49 go there. Tunnel under the rails and keep on walking straight on along "Hotel Wien".
Bordeaux Direction Angoulme: Place de Stalingrad 
Direction Bayonne: Cours duGeneral de Gaulle
Dublin Direction Dundalk and Belfast: Corner North Circular Road and DrumcondraRoad 
Direction Limerick: Corner South Circular Road and Emmet Road
Edinburgh Direction Glasgow: Haymarket Terrace
Frankfurt Direction Basel, Köln and Nürnberg: Metrostation Messegelände, where the highway begins or metrostation Miquel Allee, where also the highwaybegins
Genève Direction Basel and Paris: Corner Route de Meyrin and Route de PrŽbois.Reachable with bus X
Genua Direction Milaan, Nice and Turijn: Corner Viale de Brig, Partiganeand Corso Marconi
Gsteborg Direction Stockholm: Corner St. Sigfridsgatan and OrgrytevSgen
Hamburg Direction Bremen: Take the S-bahn to Wilhelmsburg, from there bus 155 until the Altenfelderweg. Then walk to the tankstation along the highway 
Direction Kopenhagen: Take the S-bahn until station Harburg, from there bus 343 until the Malfeldstrasse. Then walk to tankstation Harburger Bergealong the highway
Helsinki Direction Lahti: Corner Kustaa Vaasantie and Koskelantie DirectionSt. Petersburg: Lautarhankatu 
Direction Tampere: Corner MannerheimvSgenand LaginmSentie
Innsbruck Direction Brenner, Italia: Brennerstrasse, oprit (XXX) highway. Reachable with bus ST from HBf 
Direction München: Corner Amraser Seestrasse and Geyrstrasse
Köln Direction Aachen: Corner Aachenerstrasse and Innere Kanalstrasse DirectionFrankfurt: Corner Klaker Hauptstrasse and Ostliche Zubringerstrasse
Kopenhagen Direction Rßdby: Corner Vegerslev Vej and Fole 
Direction Helsingßr: Hans Knudsen Pladz
Lisboa Direction Santarem: Praca do Aeroporto 
Direction Badajoz: Corner Av.Gen. Norton de Matos and Al. das Linhas de Torres
London Direction Canterbury, Ramsgate, Dover: A2 roundabout, reachable by train until Eltham Station, from where you can walk to the roundabout via the Wel Hall Road. 
Direction Brighton: Brixton Road opposite Oval Station. Reachable per metro until Oval Station 
Direction Southampton: M3-oprit(XXX). Reachable by train until Sunbury Station 
Direction Bristol: Great West Road. Reachable by metro until Gunnersbury Station, then walk viaChiswick High Road. 
Direction Oxford: Corner Circular Road and Western Avenue. Reachable by metro: stop Hanger Lane Station 
Direction Leeds: Begin of M1. Get out at metrostation Brent Cross, then walk around 800 meters via North Circular Road. 
Direction Norwich, Cambridge: Roundabout M11. Opposite Redbridge Station
Lyon Direction Genève or Paris: Highway oprit (XXX) Pierre Benite Nord.Here is a tankstation along the highway 
Direction Marseille: the same tankstationat oprit (XXX) Pierre Benite Nord, but then direction south 
Direction Chambéry,Grenoble and Italia: Take the bus or train until the village St. Priest,a few kilometers outside Lyon. Walk from this village around one kilometer to the tankstation along the highway
Luxemburg Direction Arlon: Place de l'Žtoile 
Direction Echternach: Corner BoulevardRoyal and Boulevard de la C(tm)te d'Eich 
Direction Thionville: Corner Ruede Hollerich and Rue d'Alsace
Madrid Direction Aranjuez/Marocco: Paseo de las Delicias, where the highway begins 
Direction Barcelona: Corner Calle S. Francisco Silvella and Avenidad' America 
Direction Burgos: Corner Avenida Generalissimo Franco and Calle Joaquim Costa 
Direction Portugal: Paseo Redondo, where the highway begins
Marseille Direction Lyon: Boulevard Bourdet, oprit (XXX) highway Gare St. Charles 
Direction Nice: Cours de Lieutard, oprit (XXX) highway Place de Pologne. EXTRA: you can ask truck-drivers for a ride in the harbour "La Joliette". Radio Monte Carlo asks drivers to take hitch-hikers when you phone beforehand: 301400 between 22 and 24 o' clock.
Milano Direction Como/Basel: Piazza Kennedy. Reachable by train Station Certosa 
Direction Genua: Viale Famagosta. Corner Via Spezia. Bus 90 or 91 from trainstation Porta Romana 
Direction Bologna/Roma: Corso Lodi-Piazzale Corvetto.Trainstation Rogodero 
Direction Torino: Piazza Kennedy. Trainstation Certosa
München Direction Nürnberg: Ungererstrasse. Metrostation Studentenstadt 
Direction Salzburg: Ramersdorferplatz. Bus 95 or 195 from Ostbahnhof 
Direction Stuttgart:Pippingerstrasse. Bus 73 from S-bahn- station Obermenzing
Napoli Direction Roma: Via Foria, where the highway begins
Nice Direction Marseille/Paris: Take bus 10 until St. Laurent du Var. Thereis the oprit (XXX) of the highway 
Direction Genua: Take the bus to l'Ariane.Get out where you cross the highway.
Oslo Direction Gsteborg: Take the train to Ski and try to find a ride from here 
Direction Trondheim: Take the tram to Sinsenkrysset, where the highway begins
Paris Direction Brussel/Amsterdam: Metrostation Porte de la Chapelle 
Direction Lyon: Metrostation Porte de l'Italie 
Direction Orleans: Metrostation Porte d'Orleans 
Direction Rouen/Normandie: Metrostation Porte d'Auteuil
Praha Direction Pilsen/Nürnberg: Corner Plzenska and Radilicka. Line 9 from station Praha Strd
Roma Direction Florence: Crossing Via Salaria-Raccordo Annulare. Take bus 35 from Stazione Termini, change at Piazza Vescovio to bus 135 
Direction Napoli: Bus 161 or 162 until Via Appia Nuova, crossing Raccordo Annulare.300 meters further you will find a tankstation along the highway
Sofia Direction Dimitrowgrad/Joegoslavische grens: Deveti Septemvri 
Direction Plovdiv: V.L. Lenin (has probably a different name now)
Stockholm Direction Gsteborg: De highway begins at metrostation Hornstull. Hereare also tankstations 
Direction Noorden: From metrostation Odenplan 515to the Wenner Gren Center
Stuttgart Direction München: Tankstation Denkendorf along the highway Karlsruhe-MYnchen.Reachable with bus 77 from HBf 
Direction Heilbronn: Corner Kontalerstrasseand Turebedingerstrasse. Reachable with bus 90 from S-bahn station St.Zuffenhausen
Warsawa Direction Poznan/Berlin: Polczynska Wolska. Reachable from WarsawaCentralna with tram 10 until endstation.
Wien Direction Budapest: Corner Bruch Hainbergstrasse and Reintal. TrainstationGr. Schivechat 
Direction Graz: Favoriten. Tram 67 from Südbahnhof 
Direction Linz: Wien Auhof (begin highway). Bus 49b from trainstation Hütteldorf-Hacking
Zürich Direction Basel: Pfingstweidestrasse. Line 4 
Direction Winterthur andSt. Gallen: Schulhaus, begin of N1. Reachable with bus 63 or 94 
Direction Luzern/Chur: begin of N3. Walking from the Hauptbahnhof via Bahnhofplatz, Postbrücke, Kasernenstrasse, Stuffacher Quai and Manessestrasse (more than1 km.)