Hitch-hiking Resources

Late in 1996 I started to edit a column on hitch-hiking at Suite 101 (a magzine style site that invited me to join the crew). I had the priviledge of visiting the Australian National library, and the New South Wales State library early in 1997 and collected some resources on hitch-hiking. Later, while on contract at a research centre I had the further priviledge of a scanner, and text conversion software, and an HTML editor, along with access to the web again, so I used the opportunity to convert much of my hitch-hiking file into this page of resources. Some more years on the road provided more material, access to more libraries, and while working in Geneva acces to scanning facilities again so I amassed a reasonable library of material on the subject.

Suite 101 has since passed away complete, so it's a good thing I archived all the articles I wrote for them before they did, unlike many disappointed writers who lost their work when it sank. That archived material is presented here.

The physical library behind this is quite large now and a long outstanding project to publish many, many, many books and articles akin to those here in electronic form, if and when I find resources to do that. That has not happened yet, and might rely on volunteers who are willing and able to copy edit a mass of OCRed scans and format them nicely into HTML.

Off-site material

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